Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind, 2nd Edition

In this innovative approach to the Intro Psychology course, authors John Cacioppo and Laura Freberg present psychology as an integrative science that is highly relevant for students of all majors. The authors use a familiar chapter structure, providing an easy roadmap for the introductory psychology course, but the similarities with other approaches to introductory psychology end there. Integration extends in two directions, highlighting connections within psychology as well as between psychology and other disciplines. The writing and features are smart and engaging, and consistently illustrate the benefit of using multiple perspectives within psychology. Cacioppo and Freberg offer the best science possible, including exciting new research findings likely to expand students' understanding of psychology as a scientific field of study. Features and images coordinate with and enhance the text, providing many additional opportunities for critical thinking and connecting ideas. 

Psychology is evolving into an integrative, multidisciplinary field, and the introductory course offers instructors and professors an opportunity to teach all of psychology in one place and at one time. Cacioppo and Freberg offer a way to present a cohesive understanding of psychology as a highly interconnected and relevant hub science.