Principles of Psychophysiology: Physical, Social and Inferential Elements

Despite important developments in psychophysiology, no single book has reviewed the subject at a level that is informative to the specialist yet accessible to the interested nonspecialist. Principles of Psychophysiology is designed to fill this gap. Leading scientists review the foundations and recent advances in our understanding of psychophysiological responses and recording techniques—electrodermal, electromyographic, electrocortical, event-related brain potential, cardiovascular, electro-ocular, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, and sexual, and examine the applications of this behavior.

The editors provide a comprehensive overview of fundamental issues involved in inferring psychological processes and states from physiological data. They review neurophysiological, psychoneuroendocrinological, and psychoneuroimmunological foundations of psychophysiology, and psychophysiological concepts and principles. Finally, they offer detailed tutorials on each psychophysiological system and response, and assess general analytic procedures across systems. A wide range of behavioural scientists, specialists in behavioural medicine, and their students will find this an indispensable sourcebook and guide.